To provide a platform for talented African makers to share their bold, beautiful crafts and textiles with the world. We believe that this platform for unique, handmade products will bring joy to the buyer and, ultimately, empower individuals and communities in Africa, changing lives for good.

The african bee mission

Our partnership with LIV Village

LIV Village provides holistic residential care for orphaned and vulnerable children in South Africa. These children are welcomed into a family environment with a trained foster mother to love and look after them. They are also provided with an excellent education and all of their needs are met.

At African Bee, we are privileged to have a special partnership with the LIV creative team, with the goal of supporting the incredible work of LIV Village.

Meet some of our amazing creatives …

Beautiful Nonjabulo

In 2014, LIV Village empowered Nonjabulo into her destiny by gifting her with a sewing course โ€“ the start of a beautiful journey of discovering her God-given talent. As a single mother, this gift provided her with the opportunity to upskill and provide for her children. Her determination and beautiful work has meant that she is now a highly-skilled and valued part of the LIV creative team. By purchasing African Bee products you are helping Nonjabulo to provide for her family and reach her dream of working in fashion. Your purchase also helps to sustain the incredible, life-changing work of LIV Village.

“Because of this place, I’m still strong and surviving”

Lovely Chelsea

When Chelsea was just 11, she started making her own clothes with some scrap fabric, a needle and thread. When she joined the LIV team in 2014, she used a sewing machine for the very first time. Her natural talent to create beautiful things quickly became evident to the team, and LIV became a community of hope for her. Today, she is a vital part of the LIV creative team: “Because of this place, I’m still strong and surviving.” By investing in African Bee products, you are not only supporting Chelsea and her family, you are helping to build this incredible community of hope for the children of LIV Village.

A message from the children of LIV Village

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